Internship Program

AlexRenew partners with the Urban Alliance’s High School Internship Program to mentor students from Wakefield and T.C. Williams High School. It’s the only year-long program for high school seniors in the Washington, DC area, and helps prepare them for professional environments through paid internships, formal training and mentoring with our highly skilled engineers and scientists.

Interns learn about our sustainable practices and ways they can contribute to help save the environment as they prepare for their future careers.

In addition, our internship program helps boost high school graduation and college acceptance rates, while helping participants become comfortable in office settings and professional environments.

Our internships provide:

  • Paid part-time work during the school year (Monday-Thursday from 2-5pm)
  • Life-skills and job readiness workshops each Friday, on topics such as conflict resolution, interview skills, professional writing, and work etiquette
  • College/career planning assistance
  • Paid full-time summer work (Monday-Thursday) with professional development workshops on Fridays

To apply you must:

  • Be a high school senior
  • Be eligible for an early release schedule
  • Complete an application and submit it with references to Urban Alliance

Apply online or download the paper application. If you have questions about the application, contact us or call the Urban Alliance at (202) 459-4315.

Print the recommendation forms here: Counselor Form (PDF), Non Teacher Form (PDF), Parent Form (PDF), Teacher Form (PDF)