Our Core Values

We strive to support a healthy, vibrant and thriving city. We value the trust you put in us to clean your dirty water.  We know that our work matters as Alexandria grows and prospers.

2040 Vision Statement

By 2040, we have served as a catalyst and are effectively partnered with all watershed stakeholders to:

  • Enable local citizens the opportunity to establish a personal connection with local waterways so that we can eat local fish and swim in local streams;
  • Support a healthy and resilient local economy through stable rates, supported by diversifying revenue and maximizing resource recovery; and
  • Create an informed citizenry regarding the importance of water so that water stewardship is achieved through personal and organizational actions.

We’re proud to be part of the City of Alexandria in so many ways:

  • Cleaning wastewater to use again and again
  • Improving the health of our precious local watersheds
  • Investing in equipment and pipes that move your dirty water through the City to our plant
  • Adding economic value to our community

We take resource recovery sustainability to the next level

We take our environmental mission to heart in all aspects of our operations each year:

  • Almost 100% of the methane gas we produce in our facility is used as a renewable energy source 
  • 1.4 billion gallons of our reclaimed water helps run our machinery
  • 21,300 wet tons of nutrient-rich byproducts from our water cleaning process are provided to  farms in 15 counties in Virginia as an inexpensive and safe alternative to chemical fertilizers

We produce a great return on investment

AlexRenew’s in the business of cleaning water, and like any well-run business, it’s important to give back to the community we serve.  We create hundreds of good, middle-class jobs across many industries every year. And we work with local Alexandria schools through tours, internships and apprenticeships to get students and workers interested in green careers. 

Every day, we’re proving that clean, safe water and sustainable practices are not just good for the environment, they’re good for the lives and livelihoods of our City’s residents and businesses.